20 Icebreaker Questions for Online Meetings

Online Zoom meetings can be a little awkward to start with and the energy is usually low. Starting your meeting with a fun icebreaker question can change the environment and make it a little bit more engaging for the participants.

Published By: Jambar Team

Date: 04 Feb 2021

20 Icebreaker questions for online meetings

Zoom and google meets have now replaced office meeting rooms and water cooler conversations have now become virtual. For employees who are new to the organization, breaking the ice with their team members just got more challenging. Awkward silence and people interrupting each other and hesitating to be the first one to talk are some of the challenges that people face during online meetings.

Here are 20 ice breaker questions to ask during your remote meeting,

  1. What is the easiest and hardest thing about working from home?

  2. Which is your dream work from home location?

  3. Do you have a favourite spot to work from?

  4. Do you have a productivity hack for remote workers?

  5. What’s the best advice you have ever received?

  6. If there is one thing that you can acquire instantly, what would you wish for?

  7. Can you pull an all-nighter or are you an early-riser?

  8. What was the last thing you searched about online?

  9. Which is your favourite holiday destination?

  10. Cats or dogs?

  11. Coffee or Tea?

  12. How many cities have you lived in? Name them

  13. Which is your best and worst travel experience?

  14. What is one unique thing about you that nobody in the team knows about?

  15. What’s your favourite movie?

  16. Do you use apps to improve your work?

  17. Who was the last person you spoke to, before this meeting?

  18. How many countries have you visited?

  19. Who is your favourite superhero?

  20. What’s the best book you have ever read?

Online meetings can be a lot more fun if you start them the right way. Ice breakers can help people ease into the conversation without feeling awkward or uneasy.